Huggie & CZ Hoops

Wholesale Huggie earrings USA

Silver California presents the most popular wholesale Huggie earrings in the USA. Made from the finest quality of silver

At our present fashion culture, we see men and woman wearing Huggie earrings on one or both ears. When it comes to Wholesale Huggie earrings in USA, Silver California offers a wide variety. The sheen, the brightness of the white metal, the attraction it sports on the reflection of sunlight, is beautiful. Check out our mind boggling selection. None of our competitors have been able to match our price and range.

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Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Round CZ Star Huggie Earrings  (E20184)
Product: E20184 weigth: 2.51 gr width: 7mm Diameter: 13mm ..
Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Small Huggie CZ Earrings  (E20077)
Product: E20077 weigth: 2.5 gr width: 5mm Diameter: 15mm ..
Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Two Lines Round CZ Earrings  ( E20186)
Product: E20186 Weigth: 3.96 gr Width: 4mm Diameter: 16mm   ..
Sterling Silver CZ Cubic Zirconia Huggie Earrings  (E20045)
product: E20045 weigth : 2.9 gr Width: 3mm Diameter: 10mm ..
Sterling Silver CZ Cubic Zirconia Huggie Earrings  (E20046)
Product: E20046 Weigth: 5.5 gr Width: 5.5 mm Diameter: 15mm ..
Sterling Silver CZ Huggie Earrings  (E20048)
product: E20048 Weigth: 3.5 gr Diameter ;19 mm Width : 2.4 mm ..
Sterling Silver CZ In & Out Cubic Zirconia Earrings  (E20050)
Product: E20050 weigth: 4.9 gr Width: 21mm Length: 1 inch ..
Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Hoop Earrings (E20244)
Product:E20244   Weight: 2.21 gr Width: ..
Sterling Silver Heart Shape Infinity sign CZ Huggies Earrings (E20119)
Product: E20119   Weight: 3.64 gr Width: ..
Sterling Silver High Polish Earrings  (E20195)
Product: E20195 Weigth: 4.00 gr width: 9mm Diameter: 14mm ..
Sterling Silver High Polish Earrings (E20197)
Product: E10197 weigth: 7.07 gr width: 9mm Diameter: 11mm ..
Sterling Silver Infinity Sign Huggie Earrings (E20017)
Product: E20017   Weight: 2.6 gr Width: ..
Sterling Silver Micro Pave 2 Lines CZ Huggie Earrings (E21057)
Product : E21057 Weight : 3.3gr Width : 3.6mm Diameter : 13.5mm ..
Sterling Silver Micro Pave 3 Lines CZ Oval Shape Huggie Earrings (E22260)
Product : E22260 Weight: 4.8 gr Width: 5..
Sterling Silver Micro Pave Black & White CZ Rhodium French Clip Earrings (E20067)
Product : E20067 Weight : 3.4gr Length : 5/8" Width : 6mm . approximate weight ..
Sterling Silver Micro Pave Setting Black & White CZ Earrings (E20241)
Product: E20241 Weight: 3.7 gr Width: 4 ..
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