Silver Italian Chain

Wholesale Italian silver chains USA

Silver California supplies intrinsically designed Italian silver chains on wholesale at an affordable price

Italian silver chains are one of the most sought after jewelry worldwide, with the majority from the USA. Available for wholesale in a wide variety of designs and structure, it adds beauty and glow to the person who wears it. Adorable at first sight, these wholesale Italian silver chains give lustre and a definitive personality on the whole. It is always better to buy this from a wholesaler, not only for the price advantage, but also for the sheer variety on offer.

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Sterling Silver 1.5mm Bead chain (Bead-150)
Product : Bead-150 Approximate Weight:   16"_2.8gr         &nbs..
Sterling Silver Hight Polished Bead chain (Bead-180)
Bead Chain 180_2 mm Weight:   16"_3.8gr              ..
Sterling Silver Bead chain (Bead-250)
Product :Bead-250 Approximate Weight : 16"    7.83gr         &n..
Sterling Silver Italian 0.8mm Box Chain (Box-015)
Product: Box-015 Weight :   16"  1.9 gr          ..
Sterling Silver Italian 1mm 16" Box Chain High Polish (Box-019)
Product : Box-019 Weight :  16" 2.5 gr       &nbs..
Italian Sterling Silver 1.5 mm High Polish  Box chain (Box-024)
Product:Box-024       Lenght: 16"             &n..
Sterling Silver Italian 1.5mm Curb Chain (Curb Chain_050)
Curb Chain _ 050 _ 1.5 mm Approximate Weigh t:   16"_3.4gr         &..
Sterling Silver Italian 2mm Curb Chain (Curb Chain_060)
Product : Curb Chain 060_2 mm Approximate Weight:      16"_4.8gr    ..
Sterling Silver Italian Curb Chain (Curb Chain_080)
Product :Curb Chain_080_3 mm Approximate Weight:    16"_6.8gr       ..
Sterling Silver Italian 4mm Curb Chain (Curb Chain_100)
Product : Curb Chain_100_4 mm Approximate Weight:   16"_ 9.7gr       ..
Sterling Silver Italian Curb Chain (Curb Chain_120)
Product : Curb Chain 120_5mm Approximate Weight:      16"_12.2gr    ..
Sterling Silver Italian Curb Chain (Curb Chain_150)
Product : Curb Chain _150 Approximate Weight:              ..
sterling silver Italian 1.5mm Figaro chain (Figaro_050)
Product : Figaro_050 Approximate Weight: 16" -2.6gr         24" -3.9g..
Sterling silver Italian 2mm Figaro chain (Figaro_060)
Product :Figaro_060 Approximate Weight: 16" -3.9gr           &nb..
Sterling silver Italian 3mm Figaro chain (Figaro_080)
Product : Figaro_080_3 mm Approximate Weight:             &..
Sterling Silver Italian 4mm Figaro Chain ( Figaro_100)
Product : Figaro_100 Approximate Weight:               &nb..
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