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Check out our range of wholesale silver rings designs, get it while the stocks last. Silver rings, as we all know have a special significance in everyone’s life. There are engagement rings, wedding rings, and rings are even exchanged as compliments between friends, or even business associates. Gone are the days of gold. Today silver is the most talked about metal for rings. And get it at wholesale price, while stocks last. Make a beeline today, and order online.

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Sterling Silver 6x6mm Center Princess CZ Engagement Ring (R0228)
Product:R0228   Width: 9..
Sterling Silver 7mm Center Round CZ Engagement Ring (R1027)
Product : R1027 Weigth : 2.9gr   ..
Sterling Silver 7X7 Princess Center & Pave Setting Round CZ Ring (R0238)
Product: R0238   Weight: 5.40gr Width: ..
Sterling Silver 8mm CZ Prong Setting Engagement Ring  (R0116)
Product: R0116 Weigth: 4.7 gr width: 8mm ..
Sterling Silver 8x10mm White Rectangle CZ Engagement Ring (R0350)
Product : R0350 Weigth : 4.6gr Width : 13mm ..
Sterling Silver Baguette & Round Cubic Zirconia  Mirco Pave Setting Ring  (R0007)
Product: R0007 Weight : 4.8gr Width   : 10mm ..
Sterling Silver Baguette & Round CZ  Bridal Ring  (R0043)
Product: R0043 Weight: 5.10 gr Width: 6 ..
Sterling Silver Bezel & Pave Setting Five Lines CZ Ring (R0250)
Product: 3R0250   Weight: 9.55 gr Width: ..
Sterling Silver Black & White Cubic Zirconia Heart Design Ring  (R0035)
Product: R0035 Weight: 9.00 gram Length : 20mm ..
Sterling Silver Black & White Cubic Zirconia Heart Ring  (R0037-BL)
Product: R0037BL Weight : 3.9 g Width   : 15mm ..
Sterling Silver Black & White CZ Pave Setting Heart Shape Rings (R0225)
  Product:R0225   Weight: 3.7 gr Length..
Sterling Silver Black & White Round CZ Ring  (R0036-BW)
Product: R0036_BW Weight : 4.8 gr Width   : 7mm ..
Sterling Silver Black & White Round CZ Ring  (R0096)
Product: R0096 Weight : 6.7 gr Width  : 11 mm ..
Sterling Silver Bulgari Inspired Black & White CZ Mirco Pave Setting  (R0110-BL)
Product: R0110_bl Weight :5.8 gr Width   : 15mm ..
Sterling Silver Bulgari Inspired CZ Pave Setting Ring  (R0110)
Product: R0110 Weight: 5.6 gram Width: 7..
Sterling Silver Center 5mm Cubic Zirconia Ring  (R0180)
Product: R0180 Weight : 3.0 gr Width  : 6mm ..
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